Saturday, 17 August 2013

5 Steps To Creating More Time

Have you ever felt like there is never enough time? That no matter how well you think you're doing time, is never on your side?  I used to constantly find myself running late, rushing here, there and apologising for being late.  Over the years I have learnt a few thing that no matter what I do, I know I will always have enough time to get the things I want to do.

How do I do it?  Well it took a little thought and some practice but I'm finally there!  If you are anything like I was you might find what I learnt useful.

1. I realised that with every want there would always be a pay-back.  Being aware of what the payback was made it that much easier to make changes e.g. when I wanted to include some exercise in my day, I had to choose to get up an hour earlier several times a week to fit it in. What will you have to give up or put aside to make room?

2. I always take time (about 10 mins) at the end of my day to consider what I want to get done and what is important to get done the next day. I always write these down.  I narrow the list down to 5 things. Of course this is only me, you can make your own mind up what is right for you, but choose to be realistic and put yourself under no pressure.  

3. Learn to say NO! This is easier than you have lead yourself believe that is up to now. When you struggle, as I did, to say NO! instead of thinking that you have to give a definate answer straight away try one of the following lines.... 

"...can I get back to you on that"
"...I'll need time to think about that..."
"...when will you need a decision on that?"
"...that's fine, I can do that for you. When will you be able to help me with xyz" 

4. Give yourself a mantra when you find yourself running over!  One that I find works well is "I have more than enough hours in the day to get done what I planned to do"

5. Chunk your day down e.g. by 10.00 I will have.... At 3.00 I will do etc.. Make sure you write this down.  Your brain has enough to cope with. Writing down what you want to do makes it more real to you and you are more likely to get things done.

Sometimes, it's the pressure we put on ourselves to get things done that causes us to rush around like a headless chicken.  Put a little thought into your day and see what a difference it does make.  To paraphrase the old saying " order to make time you need to invest in time..." So remember:-

  • Spend a little time at the end of the day to think about the next.
  • You don't have to say no!
  • Chunk your day down
  • Have a mantra
  • Write it down!
When you are ready to take responsibility for your own personal growth and are serious about achieving dramatic results get in touch. Life is more than simply existing.

With warmth