Monday, 8 July 2013

Andy's Wimbledon Win - 5 Steps & Be A Winner Too.

On the edge of my seat most of the afternoon yesterday as I watch Andy Murray achieve something no other British male has achieved for 77 years. Yay!  I'm sure that there were many people before the match who were willing him to win and yet not quite believing he could. I'm so happy that he won and .
with such style to. I will admit to shedding a tear or two after that final point - how emotional was it watching - as Andy said - "try playing it!!!!" 

As a coach when I see people performing to their very best I'm intrigued to understand what makes them so different. Watching Andy yesterday I feel that I have identified in him 5 simple and yet effective steps that has changed him from a runner up into a Wimbledon Champion. You can do it too, maybe not Wimbledon Champion (unless you want) but success in whatever area of life you want.

Firstly, we'll take the training and the diet he has followed as a given.

1. HAVE FAITH IN YOUR DREAM - Even when you feel the odds are against you. Many people doubted Andy's ability to win.  Especially as he was playing the number 1 player in the world, Novak Djokovic. Others will have opinions about you remember their opinion is simply that. 

2. LEARN FROM THE BEST YOU CAN - Someone who can be your mentor. Andy's mentor  Ivan Lendl a former No1 player. Well respected and with a reputation of helping others achieve great success. There are times when trying to figure out what to do can be tough when you are on your own. 

3. LET DEFEAT MAKE YOU STRONGER -  Resist taking it personally be objective, rather than seeing mistakes as something to cry about and slow you down  Andy mentioned yesterday that Ivan had helped him to learn more from his losses, which was something he had not done in the past. What has any mistake taught you not to do?

4. SEE WHERE IT'S YOU - Take responsibility for your flaws.  You will need someone to point these out to you too because it's always difficult to admit the obvious and to understand how they are impacting on your behaviour.  Previously Andy appeared to allow his emotions to impact on his play. He seems to have channeled this energy into his game, playing with a calculated aggression that shows more self-belief in winning the points.

5. BUILD YOUR SUPPORT TEAM - When you are not getting the results that you want it's time to change what isn't working (be ruthless). Behind every successful individual are others that have supported and believed in them.  Andy gave thanks to all his team for supporting him through the good and the bad times.  He had the courage to change what wasn't working when he moved to away to train. What part if your support team do you need to change to make you stronger?

Ok, there you have it.  What is your dream? What's stopping you?  Would you like to spend time with me to help you see what it is you are not seeing? email me at and I'll get straight back to you.

With love and warmth.