Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Coaching - Like Having Your Very Own Jiminy Cricket

Whoever said life was easy! Let’s face it it can be difficult at times and there's no manual to help you out when you get stuck. It would be a best seller if there was!  Ever felt that no matter how hard you try nothing ever really changes or that it simply is not changing fast enough?  Have you ever stopped and asked yourself Why?

Who you are & how you act every moment of your life matters and this is never more significant than when you are looking to make a difference.

There are times when trying to figure out what to do and how to do it on your own can be tough  As a coach when I work with you, you're not be alone. It's similar to having a second conscious, your own "Jiminy Cricket" to help guide your thinking, sound off to and help you reason the best way forward.

I have been told by many of my clients that they have found having a life coach is one of the most empowering personal development tool they have experienced. Whether they have been searching for that deep meaningful relationship; a sense of fulfilment; success; all of the above or whatever area of life they have chosen to work on, coaching has made a positive difference to their life and success they never believed possible.

My approach to coaching is a holistic one. I use specific tools and techniques to bring out your confidence, tap into your own unique talents, creativity and intelligence to help you see life differently, to help you rapidly affect positive and lasting change.

Now, before going any further let me make a few things clear. Coaching for me is not about changing You.You are fine just the way you are. Nor is it about fixing You because I believe you’re not broken. I'm also not here to tell you what is wrong and then suggest how you put it right because you already know this. So, what is coaching and how does it help?

OK, think of a time when you were absolutely certain about wanting to make a difference in your life.  It would be challenging you and push your comfort buttons.  Maybe a change of career, exercising, loosing weight, telling someone special you loved them or something even bigger! You filled with good intentions and yet the change seemed too huge and overwhelming that you find an excuse and never get around to doing anything more than thinking about it. Sound familiar?

A life coach will listen to your plans and help you find the resources you need to push through the challenges and obstacles you feel are in your way. Through coaching I'll help you to understand how you "tick" you'll see how what you feel and what you do impacts on your moods and behaviour.  You'll learn how to come up with a new way of thinking and behaving that will help you tackle your old habits, the ones that are stop you getting what you want and you'll begin to do things differently and most importantly start taking action.

Now, I believe that everyone in life deserves to have their own life coach.  Hell, as a coach myself I work with one! Coaching takes you on a journey, it's a step-by-step process and helps you focus on a solution to your problem rather than the problem itself and you'll achieve dramatic results.

We are all capable of making a difference to our life.  The secret to making changes is one step at a time and even small steps can make a significant impact over the long-term. Remember you can eat a whole giant pizza but only by taking one bite at a time!

The next step is up to you. When you are ready to take responsibility for your own personal growth and are serious about achieving dramatic results get in touch. Life is more than simply existing.