Friday, 11 October 2013

We Only Have One Life!

Recently I was introduced to someone new, she was young and full of life. Over the months we talked on the phone, passing comment on the weather and other chit-chatty things.  One day last year she mentioned she was pregnant.  Our conversations switched to one of babies, pregnancy and morning sickness as she enjoyed being pregnant and looked forward to the birth. She was sickeningly healthy throughout her term.  I remember joking one day that she was lucky, remembering how ill I had been with my first.

Last July she had a healthy little baby boy. He was born by cesarean section and unfortunately it was then that the doctors found out that she had an aggressive form of cancer which needed immediate treatment. The sad news is that 3 week s ago.she died. She never left hospital, the cancer was to advanced.  That little baby will never lie in his mothers arms.

We have no idea what life has planned for us. We take it for granted that we will live a fit and healthy life and yet today could be your last this is no rehearsal (RIP Maria De Villota - F1Life can be s#@t at times. As I sit here with my family I am reminded how precious the gift of life is and am thankful that I have enjoyed watching my children grow and that I can hold them in my arms anytime and they me.

Please do not be sad, I share this blog simply as remind you how precious life is. As we rush each day around trying to fit a pint into a half pint glass, reacting to life it's so easy to forget what is important.   Something that I find myself saying to others so many times is "life is short..."  but on reflection is it? Maybe for some, but according to statistics the average life expectancy of a woman is 86 and men 84.  These are simply averages about 1 in every 4 65-year old will live past the age of 90 and one out of 10 past the age of 95! 

It's my belief that everything happens for a reason. How you choose to live your life is up to you, I'm not here to tell you how to live it. I'm sure there are times when it can feel that you have no other choice than to react to life's situation and you know, that's fine because it's sometimes the reality of it all. Only, when you find that reacting is the norm' rather than the exception to the rule then maybe time to rethink what you value and find important in your life. 

Take a few moments and imagine resting comfortably in your last few days and as you reflect on your life what you do you want to be glad that you felt that you did and and what you gave time to seeing that you made a priority?  If you're not doing what you imagined what is stopping you?  Life won't wait forever!

If you are someone who believes they have no choice other than to react to life let me tell you you're wrong :) You always, always have a choice, it's simply that you have forgotten how. I know this because it was me for many many years. In my experience the reason we forget how to choose is because it's easier not to make the choice and we all know what happens when we stop doing something for a while...

It's time to practice a little self-care and give yourself time to re-learn how simple it can be to make the choices in life that support. You only have one life it's up to you to make it the best you possibly can.  What have you been putting off? You are more than you choose to believe you can be take time to self-care. Here are a few tips for self-care  
  • Be sure to say exactly what you mean rather than what you believe will please others.
  • Have trust your own intuition, you'll be surprised how this will help you.
  • Speak kindly of yourself.  When you put yourself down it gives others permission to do the same.
  • Realise that you always have a choice whether to say no or yes.  If it feels wrong don't do it.
  • As well as speaking kindly of yourself, be kind to yourself, loving yourself will attract more love into your life.
  • Let go of what you can't change.
  • Love!
Live life to the full, if you are unsure how contact me Lusanna I would love help you make more of your life.  

Have the courage, with warmth xx