Monday, 11 November 2013

I Get It!

Are you doing something that you love? Do you feel that working is the best way to spend your time? Does it bring out the best in you and do you love it? If you do then congratulate yourself on making the right choices in life. If not then I get it!

9 years ago last month I left my "safe and secure job" there had be change after change and the work really wasn't fitting with my life any more but at the same time there at the back of my mind was a voice telling me ".. you'd be foolish to leave ..." even though I was miserable I was also too scared to do anything about it!  Until one day when I actually heard myself comforting someone ....

"'ve got to grab life by the balls and do what you love, only when you find the courage to do this will you see what happiness is. The thought of failure is stopping you, but what's the worst that can happen and at least you will know..."

Que light-bulb moment for me, why was I finding it so frigging difficult to follow my own advice?

That was the day that my life changed.  It was April 2004 and it was the day when my whole attitude change from one where "...I couldn't possibly..."  to one of  "how can I..."

I did find a way and left in the October much to the surprise of my peers and pretty much every other person I knew, all of whom I know wished they could be just as brave. Over the years there have been other times when I have taken the lead to follow my dream and which has been the catalyst for other to follow theirs.

I now feel so very blessed to be doing what I love. The road has not always been a smooth one and those of you who know me know that these past 3.5 years have been the toughest having to cope with a serious family illness.  So you see when I say I get it, I really do I get it!  

Despite everything that has happened over the years nothing has stopped me believing coaching is what I am meant to be doing and nothing has been wasted because I have learned some valuable lessons too.

Now it's my intention to share with you some of my expertise, some of my coaching tools and techniques to encourage you along the path to follow your dream and to help you break out of your box just as I did those year ago.

I have arranged several life coaching events, which are entirely free to you. They're free because over my difficult time I have received much support and love and I am looking to give something back and giving is my way of saying thank you.

So, if you're feeling a little fed up, frustrated with how life is turning out.  If you are open to new ideas email me for your personal log into my one of my coaching events and let me help you to see how you can make a shift in your life.

Living is your responsibility, life is too short to simply let it pass you by email me now!

It’s absolutely FREE . . . and it’s happening right here — on your computer.

Take a step toward your dreams today by contacting me and receive the inspiration, advice and support you are looking for.

You have my support!

With warmth and love

P.S. I'm hosting a retreat in Hereford in March that is focused on love and relationships. This will be a fun and transformational time in where you can relax, get pampered, and invest in you. Space is very limited so email me lusanna soon to register your interest