Friday, 3 January 2014

Live Your Life "Naked"

Ok, Live Your Life "Naked" what's it all about?  Last week I was watching old videos of my children.  It was a summers day and we were in the garden, the pool was out and they were running around naked without a care in the world, as it should be! This made me think, not for the first time.

Before I tell you what I was thinking  let me ask you a question - how comfortable are you about being naked?  I'm not talking about on the beach or in the changing rooms of your health club but simply with yourself - when is the last time that you really looked at yourself in the mirror, in the buff, without anything on simply in your birthday suite?  And when you did what did you see?

I must admit, if you are anything like me it is something seldom done. Now, I exercise regularly, I like to think I am a healthy person and my Hubby still finds me attractive but to lingering in front of a mirror without clothes on is something that I feel very vulnerable doing. And when I do why is it that all I can focus on and find my eyes are drawn to are all the negative bits - like my thighs are a little too big, my belly a little too round and .... It's a fact as I have grown older I have become more inclined to want to hide the "wobbly bits", yes I have some of those, doesn't everyone of a certain age!

So, back to my thinking - at what point in life do we become self-conscious for whatever reason? For me I feel it was my teens (maybe like most) when it all began. On the beach in sunny Italy I remember my parents, aunts and uncles hiding under their towels in order to very awkwardly change into their costumes. Growing up I can never remember ever seeing either of my parents in their underwear let alone naked. And of course there was always those moments in front of the telly with my parents when a sex scene would appear and my mother would make an excuse to make a cup of tea. So I feel that this was my subtle beginnings of my vulnerability.

On the 18th January at Aylestone Court Hotel, Hereford I have a freebie event that you are invited to if you would like to come along. I've called it - Live Your Life "Naked" and there is good reason for this.  You see whilst I am in no rush to bare all in public in any shape or form the word "Naked" is my play on words.

Through life there are many things that will challenge you. How you deal with them will be dependant on the beliefs you have.  None of us are born with any beliefs they are things we pick up along the way, you learn/create/forme each one throughout your life. You operate through these beliefs they are your own personal satellite navigation system.  Your beliefs will govern your emotions, health, skills and everyday experiences they support you every step of the way and they can also hold you back! You can create a belief about anything good or bad! So if you can create beliefs it stands to reason that you can uncreate them - fact! 

Now in my event I will help you get "naked" and push away those beliefs that you no longer need to keep close. I'll help you to figure out what you really want, what is stopping you and how you can begin setting about getting it! Whether you're looking to make big changes in your life this year or maybe simply tweak it a little come along, what have you got to lose?  

Choose to believe fantastic things about yourself and eliminate the beliefs that no longer help you live your life the way you want.  I will share with you some tools and techniques that you can take home and use simply and at anytime you choose.

Now, here are a few tips for you to help you get "naked" if you like:-

1. What do you belief about yourself, think of something that you know generally holds you back?
2. Where did it come from, who taught it you, why do you think this?
3. List your reasons (the more you can think of the better) why it has been totally ludicrous to go through my life believing this.
4. How do you feel about your belief now?

There's more on the 18th simply contact me to book your place.