Friday, 14 February 2014

Live Your LIfe "Naked" - An Invitation

This is simply a little reminder and invitation to the fantastic Life Coaching, Spa and Wellbeing Day I am hosting for you on the Saturday 15th March at Holmer Park Spa and Leisure it's going to be fun, transformational and something you really will not want to miss!

Now as you know my mission is to empower all women like you to find a deeper sense of happiness and more fulfillment in life.  I believe that we all have a desire for fun and to experience life at it's best no matter what is going on in our life and I want to show you how easy it is to have that choice.

Many of us are flawed in how we pursue our wants and needs, we think that setting intentions and taking steps toward them is enough, the thing is it's not! To create anything new, we must first remove the obstacles that are in the way.

Make the decision to come along on the 15th and it will be a transformational experience for you. It's a day for you to take time out of your hectic life style, where others needs come before yours and simply take care of yourself. This weekend is offering you an amazing opportunity to relax, get pampered, have fun and simply focus on YOU
  • How to ignore self talk that does not support you, 
  • How to practice self-care and still remain the caring person you enjoy being,
  • How to make conscious choices, take responsibility rather than blame circumstance & others. 
  • How to have a career and still be the mum/person you want to be, 
  • Find ways to express the real true you with a confidence you did notknow you had
  • Unlock that sexy confident woman you are, 
  • Know when to plan a need to change, 
  • How to change your thoughts & behaviour to get what you want and create momentum, 
along with a whole lot more!


5 life changing coaching workshops, all of which are very relaxed, informal and cover all the above, I have a Yoga Teacher coming along to share with you some easy to learn exercises. A Beautician who will help you get the best from your daily cleansing and beauty routine. Tropic Cosmetics Ambassador will be there with a wide range of products for you to try and buy if you wish and I have a few exciting surprise items included in the day too.  For example have you ever wished you had the willpower to say NO to something for example chocolate? Come along and see how you can! 

Along with all the above at the end of the day you will have the option to have full use of the spa and the opportunity for an optional additional free 30 mins group session which will be held in the sauna - this is will be a freestyle session and one that is liberating and a perfect way to end the day :)

Trust me this day is packed with powerful life long take home tools and techniques that you will be able to implement into your lifestyle seamlessly.  I know from the feedback that everyone enjoyed and was inspired into action after each coffee morning this day will guarantee you'll feel 50-100 more inspired to create the momentum you want to get what you want out of the next phase of your life!

Finally, spaces are limited so you will need to contact me to reserve your place

With love and warmth
Lusanna xx