Sunday, 22 March 2015

Reasons Why I'm The Coach For You

Personal development has always been a life passion of mine and being able to see others potential more than they see in themselves is something that I have always been great at. I suppose that's why I tended to be a sounding board for my friends and family.

From a very early age I was told that to have what I wanted in life I must work hard. So, taking this literally I did.

At an early age I became an Area Manager of one of the largest building societies in England, overseeing a wide area, several branches, which came with huge targets.

I was a busy career woman with a family who was also juggling renovating our home and studying for exams and to say the least, this was a little challenging.  When I was a young adult I was always full of energy, enthusiasm and loved adventure. As responsibility crept into my life I seemed to see less of that person. Being Lusanna took 2nd place to being a wife, mum, daughter, career woman, student, painter and decorator. The time I spent on myself simply being me was very little and when I did find the time, the guilt that I felt simply ruined the enjoyment.

Please don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my life, being a mum is the best feeling in the world and I totally love being with my family.  We had fun, laughed and did all the things loving families enjoyed. Being a very successful career woman allowed us to live a relatively comfortable life too.

In my career I built up the reputation for setting up and running highly successful teams, I enjoyed training others and many of the people I worked with went on to become successful in their own right. I was one particular teams success that  was the catalyst to changing my life around.

Having won a large prize one of my teams decided that it would be a great idea to have a weekend away. The prize was that large it allowed us all to jet off to Palma, Spain for the weekend.  It was a hard decision for me to commit to. I went along with it knowing that I could always pull out at the last minute, no one would miss me.

With the support of my hubby and after making sure I'd thought of everything that my family would need while I was gone, I made it on the plane.  From the time I landed in Palma I was a different person, it was as if a pressure cloud had lifted from me.  There was no one to look after, no one other than myself to consider, I could simply do what I wanted and when.  Shopping with no pressure, sunbathing without the worry that someone didn't have enough sun screen on... simply time to take care of me.

Those two days gave me time to think. My life was comfortable, I had a loving family, good career with the perks that came with this security and I was holding it all together, believing that if I faulted it would all start to crumble, let's face it any woman with a career and a family knows this only too well. That weekend was the point at which I decided to make changes in my life. I would make time for me, no guilt and no feeling that I would be letting others down.

Now my changes may not be the changes you need to make. My point is that I realised change was needed because despite my comfortable life I was quite simply not being me.

I became a life coach in 2006. After extensive training and endless case studies I passed with a high distinction. I now work with people who are on a similar journey to the journey I was on.

I help busy career women make life work and enjoy it.  Look after yourself.  Revive your energy, enthusiasm, passion and all the things that make you YOU! Lets face it when you look after yourself you are much better placed to look after others in your life.

I would be delighted to jump on a complimentary discovery call with you. Is it time for a change?
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