Monday, 25 February 2013

Do You Have The Courage?

Live Life Consciously 

To live a life that is fun, one you really love and feel excited about will always take courage. The courage to say no, to set boundaries, and to make the right informed choices.  This is what I like to call Conscious living.

Believe it or not whatever you are experiencing is something that you alone are responsible for creating.  You make the choices of how many hours you want to work, how you spend time with the family and in your relationships. I will be the first person to agree that you might not be able to control every thing that happens to you but how you choose to respond to circumstance is up to you. 

When I talk about responsibility I am not talking about blame. When you blame you are effectively saying, it wasn’t me -
I didn’t create it. I didn’t’ cause it and I’m not responsible for it.

Let me ask you, on a scale of 1 – 10 (where 10 is the bigger) when you are in this frame of mind how motivated do you feel you would be to change anything?   It’s my guess is a big fat 0.

However, if you take the responsible approach and say
I created it.    I can change it.    I am responsible for it.

Now, on a scale of 1 – 10 (where 10 is the bigger) how motivated do you feel you would be to change anything? I guess your motivation will have shifted up even slightly?

Responsibility – The ability to choose my response and make changes

I’m sure that some of you reading might be saying, I am a responsible person and I do make all my own choices. That’s good. Let me ask; are you where you want to be? Great if you are.  If you’re not it’s probably because you are struggling to see the times when you choose to ignore your responsibility.

Ever heard yourself justifying why you can’t in this way? - If only I had the… money; time; resources; support. Or maybe you have chosen to pass "the buck” and lay blame? Do you find yourself say or thinking? I was never taught how to…; It’s just the way I am; or they made me...

All these phrases are the times when you choose not to be responsible for the things that happen to you. 

People, who choose to blame, come up with reasons
People, who choose to take responsibility, produce results

So how can you begin to take responsibility for creating the life you want? For me it starts with 3 simple words: -  “How can I” followed by  
… Find the money?  …Make the time? …Find the resources?

It’s time you woke up to the fact that “if it’s got to be, it’s up to me” and  the next time you find yourself hesitating over making an important choice/decision take time and consider “what is the responsibility am I taking here?” & then ask yourself - HOW CAN I … take the action necessary and make it happen. 

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